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HSM 454 Casull 325 gr. 'BEAR LOAD'

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Price: $63.07
10 in stock.
Item: : HSM-454C-4-N
Mfg: HSM
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454 Casull 'Bear Load' ammunition
Manufactured by HSM
325 grain Rimrock Hard-Cast, Gas-Checked Lead bullet
-Bullet Brinell Hardness(BHN):  19
New Starline brass
Box of 50 rounds

Velocity: 1330 FPS
Energy: 1277 Ft-Lbs
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Product Reviews

(9 Ratings, 2 Reviews) Average Rating:
Four years later
DK (Campbell, CA) 7/25/2015 7:43 PM
Four years ago when I was getting into big bore handguns for trips to Alaska, I tried and liked the 325 grain Hunting Shack Bear load, although I thought it might be a little under-powered for a bear load. After buy a couple thousands Hunting Shack, during the ammo shortage, I decided to get into handloading. Since that time many big bore handgun experts have written things that basically come to the same conclusion... for handguns and protection against grizzly bear... velocity should be kept under 1300 fps and bullets should be hardcast and as heavy as possible. Penetration on this round is second only to solid copper bullets... it is an easy shooting round that I can rapid fire. It ends up being the round that I carry three weeks out of the year on trips to Alaska. It is a great round and dependable... never had one that didn't fire... shot over 1000 of them. More dirty than the other Hunting Shack .454, but cleaner than any of my handloads and go through a large pig like air. No complaints about its penetration.
.454 Bear Load
CJ (Campbell, CA) 5/6/2011 9:57 AM
Good inexpensive target load... penetration when shooting it into stacks of pine boards was better than I thought it would be. Much better penetration that their higher powered jacketed soft point(1650 fps) and XTP hollow point rounds (1600 fps. Downside... more smokey than the other two rounds... cannot shoot 100 rounds at one shooting setting because revolver gets too much build-up and cylinder won't close. Easy to shoot... not much recoil with 1330 fps. Probably would prefer this round with a little more velocity... as a BEAR Load... about the same power as a couple other companies offer in a .45 +p.