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HSM 10mm 180 gr. RNFP Lead, Remanufactured

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Price: $18.20
Out of Stock
Item: : HSM-10mm-1
Mfg: HSM
Out of Stock? E-mail us a Request.
10mm ammunition
Manufactured by HSM
180 grain Rimrock Hard-Cast Round-Nose Flat-Point bullet
Loaded using fired brass - mixed headstamps
Box of 50 rounds

Velocity:  990 FPS
Energy:  392 Ft-Lbs
It is your responsibility to read & understand your firearms owners manual regarding the manufacturers recommendation about the use of remanufactured ammunition. Some makes & models of semi-automatic pistols do not fully support the case-head(base of the casing) of a chambered cartridge. In rare circumstances, this can lead to a case-head failure at the unsupported section of a casing during firing. This is, in part, due to the work-hardening that is a result of firing & resizing a cartridge case.
We, personally, fire hundreds of rounds of any of the remanufactured ammunition we sell to insure our customers safety.
If your have any questions or concerns regarding the use of remanufactured ammunition in your pistol, please contact us via e-mail, or phone.
By adding this ammunition to your cart, you are verifying that you are of legal age(18 Years Old for rifle ammo, 21 Years Old for pistol ammo) to purchase.
You are responsible for knowing your local laws and regulations regarding your receiving & owning this ammunition.

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