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     We are an ever-evolving family business that's been around since 1987.  The president has always been an avid shooter, and is constantly pursuing new ideas for bettering the products he works with, and promoting already-good products.
     We have been a regular customer of Hunting Shack Munitions for over 20 years, and, since 2000, have worked closely with them on various projects.  Our close proximity to their facilities enables & allows us to access numerous products, and deals, available to no other re-seller.
     We are over at the HSM facility often and will regularly update available product inventory. Furthermore, due to our across-the-board interest in ammunition, we will be putting forth an effort to provide you, our customers, with an informative experience regarding the products and their real world performance.

All calls, issues, and requests are handled by a few people who you will come to know.